What makes us C.A.S.A.? First and foremost, it’s love for the students. It starts and ends with love. We’re here because we want to help our students learn and grow respectfully into human beings who can do great things.
— Brother Smith, C.A.S.A. Technology Teacher

Common core +
21st century learning

A good school doesn't simply mean good test scores. A good school develops the characters and passions of students towards self-actualization. A good school has teachers, coaches and mentors that push students to be the best they can be. A good school isn't about standardized test scores, or standardization at all. It's about student voice and growth.  

At C.A.S.A, learning is designed to be organic and humane. Our teachers organically create curriculum in collaboration with their students, with each class rooted in student voice, choice and individual needs. Our curriculum meets common core standards but our content is focused on real-world scenarios that are connected to the passions of students. Our pedagogy focuses on improving the creative, critical, collaborative and higher-order thinking skills of students. Our goal is to graduate students that are prepared to not only thrive in high school, but to thrive in life.

This is not a school, it’s a movement. Our students learn the history of hip hop. They make music videos about poverty. They express themselves through art. They read books about black and brown leaders not usually mentioned in history books. We want C.A.S.A. to be the kind of school that helps students discover who they are and who they want to become.
— Kevin Allen, Guidance Counselor

Genius hour

Borrowing from the 20% time concept of Google, we give students two 60-minute blocks per week to work on passion projects. Using design thinking, students explore issues within their community and create meaningful solutions.

Genius Hour uses resources like the Design for Change toolkit. 

Leadership training

Inspired by "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers," we give students one 60-minute block per week to learn and practice leadership skills like communication and reflection. Students also have a chance to discuss life and societal issues.

Watch a song that C.A.S.A students created about "The 7 Habits" here. 


Community Circle

Every Friday begins with a 50-minute assembly for students and teachers to come together as a family. At Community Circle students can give shout-outs, make public apologies, and express themselves. Students have shared personal essays, danced, sang, performed spoken word poetry and more.

Watch videos from Community Circle here.

At C.A.S.A we don’t dwell in victimhood or struggle without talking about victory in the same sentence.
— Teacher, C.A.S.A.