This school is unlike any other. If you visit, the first thing you notice is joy. Joy in the faces of students.
— Michael Elliot, Film-Maker


98% of our students are black and Latino. 90% are behind in school when they enter 6th grade but they rank in the [X]th percentile by the time they graduate. In the 2014-15 school year, only 2.3% of our students received a suspension.



Diversity is our biggest priority when hiring teachers. We look for diversity in culture, race, age, agenda, ideas, and experiences. On average, our teachers help their students to improve two grades per year. Our teacher turnover rate is just 1.5% per year.



Jamaal Bowman is the founding principal of C.A.S.A. and has worked for 15 years as an educator in title-one schools. To understand his vision for education, visit his bio or blog.

We refuse to adopt the militarized, no-excuse discipline style made popular by certain charter schools. We let our kids be kids. But our suspension rate is just 2.3%. How is that possible? Three reasons: 45% of our teachers are male, we treat our students with respect, and we’ve created a learning environment that students want to be a part of.
— Jamaal Bowman, Pricipal